Flextribe is an exclusive network for the best IT, Tech and Management consultants

Get direct access to the top 10% of the best freelance consultants in Denmark

Find consultant

Screened top freelance consultants

with min. 7 years of experience and industry specialization

Specialised skills

from solution architecture and app development to cybersecurity

Digital access to talents 24/7

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Fast and easy

because all processes are digitized, complemented with personalized service to help you get started

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We match the best IT, Tech and Management consultants

Getting your company ready for the labour market of the future has never been easier.

With our digital platform, it is possible to match your project with experienced and specialized consultants who can bring new energy and skills to your organization during growth, and times of crisis as well.

We have made it easy, fast and cost-effective to get started because we have digitized all the manual processes.

Get free access to your own flexible workforce

Personal advisors

Although we are a digital platform, we have dedicated recruitment specialists who will support you during interviews, hiring and/or other challenges.

Build Your Talent Cloud

Add your favourite consultants to your personal Talent Cloud. Share them with your colleagues and be notified as they become available. This will make it easier to access the popular competencies.

Personal video intro

Make a quick screening by watching a short video of the consultant. This is an easy way to get a sense of the person behind the screen before committing to an interview.

Access screened top consultants with +7 years of experience

Search and hire consultants digitally

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    Access +400 screened top freelance consultants with +7 years of experience. Search for skills, industry, availability, etc. and find your match.

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    Watch a short video of the consultants and get an overview of their experiences. Check if there is a match and invite them to interview by phone, online or in person.

  • 3


    Get a digital contract with Flextribe. We handle all the administrative details with the consultant online.

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Get access to highly demanded skills: IT, Tech and Management consultants

At Flextribe you will find highly qualified consultants within IT, Tech and Management. We have more than 400 profiles on board, representing different backgrounds and competences.

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