Solve your business challenges with the help of hand-picked experts

Solve your challenges quickly with hand-picked top experts. Save the high cost of consultancies with one or more tailor-made workshops that match the exact challenges your business face.

Do you have new technologies you want to start developing? Projects that need scoping? Or a project like Digital Transformation, RPA, AI, IoT or Big Data you'd like to start?

A number of our customers have already been successful
with our scoping workshops

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3 steps to solve your biggest challenges

1. Define your challenge

Start by defining your challenge where you need expert advice. It can be a specific project that needs scoping or a theme like Digital Transformation, RPA, AI, IoT or Big Data.

2. We find the experts

Flextribe will then find the most relevant consultant to advise you and will run a scoping workshop. Whether it's for specific technical areas or for business development areas – the advice/help is based on your specific challenge.

3. Workshop and solution

During a 2 to 4 hour workshop, you will receive specific advice, hear about previous experience and projects from our experts. Everything you need to define your solution/action plan for your challenge or your upcoming project.

Digital Transformation in FinTech

A fintech customer wanted a new end-to-end innovation process in place within a year.

The task included internal stakeholder interviews in several countries with the aim of mapping the current process and gathering strong signals on how to better design and implement the future process.

Flextribe matched two experts who had extensive experience in FinTech, innovation and digital transformation.
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We then organized a clarification and strategy workshop with the aim of understanding the customer's needs and visualizing an initial process for the entire project.

The workshop ended up having a big impact on scoping the process and understanding the most crucial challenges.

New Minimal Viable Product in Publishing

A customer wanted to start a new project, where a minimal viable product (MVP) was built internally, which could then be tested with their users.

When you need to scope an MVP and figure out how to get started, there are a lot of details to be taken into account. The problem, the process and the goal as well as insights into the user requirements. The purpose of the workshop was to get through these things so that the client could scope a timeline, activities & roles as well as define the desired success criteria for the MVP project.

Flextribe found an expert who had extensive knowledge of building and testing new products. Who could ask the right questions, lead the discussion and help the team get started.
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Let's set up an expert workshop and solve your challenges

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