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at the best Danish companies

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Inspiring events and networking meetings,

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Digital access,

giving you freedom and flexibility

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We believe that the flexible workforce is here to stay

Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the flexible labour market of the future, for you who are already or would like to be an independent IT, Tech or Management consultant.
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We've made it easy for you to stand out from the crowd

With our digital platform, we can help you get started with your business easily and quickly. Without a lot of administrative hassle due to our digitized processes.

Start your journey here and let us match you with some of Denmark's most exciting companies.

How to get on board

We love talented people with go-to attitude. In addition, we expect you to have:
  • At least 7 years of consultancy experience in either IT, Tech or Management Consulting
  • Want to be 'your own boss'
  • A professional and open approach to customers and tasks
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How it works

We guide and support you in the process
  • 1

    Create your own profile

    Visit our website and create your profile. Enter your experiences, add photo/video, and your CV/portfolio.

  • 2


    When you're done, our recruiter will begin the screening process. We take a call with you to gain more information about you and your needs. You can also get to know Flextribe a bit better.

  • 3

    Choose your task

    All you have left to do is choose your next project/task or wait for a call from us regarding a project.

Ready to get started? Become a consultant at Flextribe

Create a profile to get a screening call, and become part of a group of IT, Tech & Management consultants, all with at least +7 years of experience from relevant jobs.

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