Referral Program

Together we are stronger! Many options arise in networking contexts. Both inside and outside Flextribe.
Help us identify the next customer project and get 6,000 DKK per lead or 25% of our 12% fee.

Get started with a referral

    $6,000 per lead

    Referral Package 1

    We would like to offer you DKK 6,000 per lead if a Flextribe consultant receives a new contract from the company and where the employment is a minimum of 1 month. In other words: you refer us to a client who is looking for a consultant, we get a consultant out on the project and you get a 'finder's fee'.

    You introduce the customer and to each other. Then Hans Peder / an account manager calls or meets and asks about the needs of the company.

    The company creates a Flextribe profile. Flextribe then finds/sends consultant profiles to the company.

    When the company is interested in a consultant, there is usually an interview before their final decision. If the consultant is chosen, we will pay you DKK 6,000 immediately after the company's first monthly payment to Flextribe.

    25% of our 12%

    Referral Package 2

    We would also like to offer a different model where you as a consultant help to screen and get a consultant hired in - e.g. the company you are in. In this case, we will offer to give 25% of our 12% fee if a consultant is hired for a minimum of 1 month.

    Example: A consultant takes 800,- per hour + 12% fee, this is 896,-. 25% of the 12% fee is thus DKK 24 per hour. That is, in one month you earned DKK 3,552 and in 3 months 10,656 DKK.

    Then Hans Peder / an account manager calls or meets and asks about the needs of the company.

    The condition of this model is that you play a crucial role in selecting/matching the consultant to the company.

    Flextribe's value

    Flextribe helps companies find the right freelance consultants for their projects. Flextribe strives to ensure that the company finds the right match directly through our platform. We also help to find the right match and also talk directly with both companies and consultants personally.
    We screen all profiles before they are onboarded on our platform.
    We offer experts and specialists in IT, Tech and Management consulting.

    Management consultants eg:

    • Digitisation
    • Strategy
    • Innovation
    • Change Managers
    • Digital Project Managers

    IT Consultants e.g.:

    • IT architects
    • Business intelligence
    • Data Scientists
    • Cybersecurity
    • Agile & Scrum Masters

    Development and design:

    • Fullstack Developers
    • Machine learning
    • Front-end and Back-end, Robotics
    • UX/UI
    • Product Management

    Material and info on Flextribe

    Here you will find our standard Terms and Conditions (with bigger companies we negotiate customized framework agreements).

    We'll give you an update if your lead has become "a hired consultant." You can then send an invoice and get your reward.

    If you have any questions please write to or call Hans Peder on +45 20119094

    Contact us
    Consultant and client shaking hands after business loan grant.

    Terms and conditions

    You can only receive your 'finder's fee' once the company has paid its invoice.

    You must send us an invoice for the amount that is your 'finder's fee'.

    You only receive a bonus for the first freelancer hired by the company.

    You are only entitled to the fee if your referral is hired within 3 months from sending the reference (exactly 92 days).

    Your lead must not already be a user at Flextribe.

    The task or project must last at least one month with a minimum of 37 hours per week.

    You must be registered for VAT yourself with a CVR number.

    Flextribe may terminate or modify the bonus program with one month's notice so that future referrals no longer trigger bonuses of any kind.