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The flexible labour market – how long is the elastic?

What does it take to share the best minds in the future? The trend towards using consultants and freelancers is upward – so how do we manage the most efficient floating labour? How do we secure ourselves legally and fiscally when we want to offer consultants the flexibility they demand?

Freelancers will decide for themselves - also over banking and pensions

In Denmark, we are proud of the Scandinavian model. A widespread social safety net has ensured our society. But the world is changing. The need for agile and dynamic workforces is growing. The employee of the future is not necessarily a permanent employee, but more and more often a freelance consultant working from project to project. For many, freedom and constant development are more important than fixed monthly wages and job security. But life as a freelancer is not necessarily a farewell to retirement plans, insurance, well-being and security.
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Crisis Management Webinar: Key tips for cost reductions in times of uncertainty

Our second webinar was about crisis management. Finding the right balance for short-term cost reductions and their long-term consequences is extremely challenging. The enormous cost pressures that come with the crisis are considerable, and it is difficult to know where to take action and where to save.

Cybersecurity Webinar: Best practices for storing security while working remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped our everyday lives, including the way we organise our events. Due to the increased number of home workstations resulting from Corona, we are holding a webinar on how to  provide security for employees while 'working remotely'
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Digital transformation and MVP

Successful event at eXoffice in Copenhagen. Many of our consultants and customers have joined the discussion on Digital Transformation, and to learn tips and tricks for building Minimal Viable Product and prototypes in organizations.

Flextribes BETA launch event

We feel privileged to welcome so many of our customers, consultants, to our beta product launch. Flextribe is growing fast thanks to all of you.
Flextribe event in Copenhagen

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