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Control your flexible workforce

One agreement - one payment

Full transparency and compliance

Organise, manage and pay your flexible workforce - successfully

All in one SaaS solution for the future of work
Streamline your flexible workforce
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Unleash the potential of your flexible workforce with the Flextribe resource management tool

The number of freelance specialists is increasing in big organisations. Flextribe is the answer to current and future management needs

Flextribe helps you manage your flexible workforce with insights and ease

Easy onboarding of consultants: data - and contract process from 3 weeks to 2 days

Flextribe ensures compliance with rules and legislation. Avoid tax risks based on consultant/employee grey areas

The essential system for the future of work

Make talent management accessible to all

Flextribe handles the administration of your external consultants; invoices and contracts

Hassle-free contract extensions. Extend the contract of a specific freelancer with just one click

flexible workforce management tool

Track your consultants progress with the time registration tool. Approve or reject hours with a click

Streamline your billing with intuitive automation. Flextribe will take care of multiple payments – you receive just one invoice

Your internal CV bank

Easy onboarding and handling of all of your freelance workforce, including consultants you already work with or know via your network, e.g. Name Given consultants

Store valuable information about skills, experiences and contracts in one place. Search for skills across your own CV-bank and Flextribe's database of highly skilled available consultants

Organise Talent Clouds and share freelance resources across your organisation. Generate CVs with updated information and download them for offline presentation

Your workforce, your data

Use the full capabilities of the Flextribe platform and manage hundreds of employees across your organisation. Anonymise your data, enable or restrict users to see your internal CV-bank
Own your data

Upload your external workforce's data seamlessly onto the platform. Manage and update the information, so it is always up-to-date and accessible 24/7

External link-builder

Share a profile or a Talent Cloud with external users. Expiring in 48 hours. All in alignment with GDPR regulations

85 % higher efficiency in the purchasing process

A collaboration with Flextribe has e.g. led to increased ROI, increased transparency and control of the external workforce, scalability, cost reduction and increased efficiency in the customer's purchasing process

Make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Increase your ROI, transparency and control.

Save time - up to 85% - and reduce manual errors

With the help of our team of experts, you can create a fully customised and automated solution to run your business on the Flextribe platform

Flextribe ensures an arms length and compliance with rules and legislation

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